How to Organize a 14 Slot Golf Bag

How to Organize a 14 Slot Golf Bag | Complete Guide for Beginners

If you’re a golfer, then the 14-slot golf bag is your best friend. This allows you to carry all of your golf clubs and other gear in one manageable package that is not too heavy.

But if you want to make the most of this versatile accessory, it’s important to have an efficient plan for organizing all of your golf clubs. Throughout this article, we will explain how to organize a 14 slot golf bag.

What do You Need to Pack in Your Golf Bag?

What do You Need to Pack in Your Golf Bag

In order to organize a 14 slot golf bag properly, we prepared a list of items.

Golf Balls:

You need to pack enough golf balls. You should try to use the same ball throughout the entire round, so make sure to take your favorite.

Head Covers:

If you are playing in wet weather, make sure to bring plastic headcovers for your golf clubs.


You should bring two to four irons. Make sure to purchase the proper pitching wedge for your game, and make sure you have a sand wedge.


Wedges are good for chipping out of the rough or bunker. Make sure to purchase every golf club in this category.


Bring the proper golf clubs for your height and skill level. If you hit a long ball, make sure to bring a fairway wood! Make sure to hit the right golf club for each shot you have.



Make sure to purchase a putter with an alignment line. You need to keep track of which way the face is facing in order not to make errant shots.

Golf Club:

It is important not to pack too many golf clubs that you don’t need because it will only add weight and cause discomfort when carrying.

However, if you are new to golf or do not have a complete set of golf clubs, it is okay to pack extra.

Golf Tees:

You never know when you are going to need them, so make sure that your golf bags have an adequate supply.

Water Bottle:

Stay hydrated throughout the entirety of your round by bringing plenty of water with you on the course.

Instructions on How to Organize a 14 Slot Golf Bag

Instructions on How to Organize a 14 Slot Golf Bag

It’s crucial to organize your 14-slot golf bag. Without doing so, you can end up wasting time by not being able to find the golf clubs you need at the exact moment you need it.

You’ll have the right golf club for every situation if you organize your golf clubs and other gear well. Here are a few suggestions on how to organize a 14 slot golf bag.

Take Everything Out of the Bag

First, take everything out of the golf bags. You want to have a clear surface so you can organize your golf clubs from the bottom up.

Take all of the golf clubs out and line them up on a table in front of you.

From here, you can determine which items are too big for certain slots and where they should be placed instead in your golf bags.

Sort the Essentials

The second step is to categorize the essentials. Golfers need to carry a lot of different items with them, including balls and tees, but you don’t want these items to get mixed up with your golf clubs.

This is why it’s important to keep each set separate from each others. You can do this by creating categories that will help you understand where everything will go.

This will help save time later when you are looking for a specific item.

Clean the Golf Bag From the Inside

Clean the Golf Bag From the Inside

Third, clean the inside of the golf bags. If there’s any dirt in the golf bag, it will only get worse when you carry it around all day.

You can use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the top and bottom of the golf bag. Afterward, dry off both surfaces with a towel.

And make sure to dry off the golf bag’s legs as well. This is very important since moisture can pool in these areas, which will likely lead to mildew or mold.

Put the and Golf Clubs On Top of the Bag

After you have laid the golf bag on its side, place the golf clubs and woods on top of your golf bag so they are easy to grab.

Putting them in the front of the golf bag will allow you to quickly switch out clubs without looking for them in a pile inside your golf bag.

Adding the Short Irons

Put them on the opposite side of the golf bag from the woods with the irons. The driver should be placed in front of the woods and irons since it is easier to get to for a quick switch.

Put the short irons down near the bottom of your golf bag on the opposite side from where you put your woods.

Place the Long irons inside the Pockets or Slots

Some people prefer to not have to move their ball in order to get a club out of their golf bag. For this reason, it might be a good idea to put your long irons into the pockets or slots that are on the side of your golf bag.

This way, you can grab the club without having to move your ball at all.

Assemble the Putters for Easy Access

Assemble the Putters for Easy Access

If you are looking to get very creative with your organization, you can do this by having all of your putters out in front.

This makes it very easy to switch between different putters depending on the conditions or greens you are trying to play on.

It is also a good way to save time during the round, as you won’t have to look for your putters in a pile of other clubs.

Arrange the Remaining Accessories

Lastly, organize your other accessories. You’ll want to have a place for your tees, divots, and balls so you can grab them easily on the course.

This will conserve your time and frustration during a game. You can place your tees in front of the ball holder, and then divots and balls go behind them.

This is an excellent strategy because it keeps similar items together, so you don’t have to search through all of your clubs. Your golf bag should now be organized.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a 14 Slot Golf Bag?

What Should You Consider When Choosing a 14 Slot Golf Bag

The Material:

If you want a durable golf bag, choose one which is made out of canvas and not nylon.

The Color:

Which color are you looking for? Do you want to show your personality when carrying the 14 slot golf bag around the golf course, or are you simply looking for something that will go unnoticed?

The Size:

Make sure the 14 slot golf bag you choose is big enough for all of your clubs and also fits in your car trunk.

The Cost:

It’s always good to know how much you are willing to spend on a certain product before searching for it online or browsing through the different offers at the store.

Benefits of Organizing a 14 Slot Golf Bag

Benefits of Organizing a 14 Slot Golf Bag

There are several benefits to organizing a 14-slot golf bag, including:

Benefits 01: Saves Time on the Course

It’s pretty easy to organize your 14 slot golf bag. No longer will you have to go rummaging through all of your clubs to find exactly what you need.

You’ll always know where each item is located, making it very easy for you to make changes without having to search through all of your clubs.

Benefits 02: Organisation is More Convenient

Not having to search through your 14 slot golf bag to find the right club will conserve you a lot of time during a round.

The best thing about the organization is that it’s convenient, making it very easy for you to switch out your accessories without any hassle or delay.

Benefits 03: You Can Find Your Accessories Easier

You Can Find Your Accessories Easier

Finding your 14 slot golf bag accessories becomes a lot easier with a little bit of organization. Now that you have everything in one place, it will be far less likely to misplace any items inside the golf bag.

Even if you don’t want to organize all of your clubs, organizing some of them can help you conserve time during a game.

Benefits 04: Looks More Professional

Having a well-organized 14 slot golf bag makes you look more professional on the course.

Now you won’t have to worry about misplacing your accessories, as everything will be easy to find inside of your golf bag.

Benefits 05: Keeps Items Together

Another benefit of having an organized golf bag is that everything will stay together.

For example, if you don’t want to take all of your irons and long-distance clubs with you on the course, keeping them in your golf bag can help keep them from getting lost.

Benefits 06: Helps You Get Better at Golf

Organizing your 14 slot golf bag can help make you better at the game. Not only will you become more efficient by saving time during a round, but it will also make you more comfortable with your equipment.

When you are used to how your clubs are laid out in the golf bag, you’ll find that swinging them becomes much easier and thus will improve your overall golfing skills.

Benefits 07: Keeps Your Clubs Safe

Keeps Your Clubs Safe

If you organize your golf bag properly, you’ll notice that everything will be safe and protected. Keeping your club heads secure with golf bags or covers can help make sure they don’t get distorted during transportation.

This will help keep them in good shape so they have a longer lifespan.

Benefits 08: Saves Money

Finally, organizing your 14 slot golf bag can conserve you a lot of money! No longer will you have to buy new clubs because the old ones are bent out of shape.

Keeping everything organized in the proper place will help make sure that they last for a long time.


The following are some frequently asked questions that may be of assistance to you.

What’s the Most You Can Add to Your Golf Bag?

The general rule is that you can add fourteen clubs to your golf bag. These are broken up into four sections that are based on their type.

You can have one section for your woods, which you will need two of if you plan to play the game.

The next section should be for your irons, around five in number is ideal, with a gap in between each club. Then there should be a gap before the next section, where you should have two wedges.

The last section will be for your putter and sand wedge, which should complete the fourteen slot golf bag.

What’s the Best Place to Store Golf Balls in My Golf Bag?

Golf balls should be placed in the gap between the wedge and the putter section. This gap is big enough to fit a dozen golf balls snugly when they are all lined up.

Is It Possible to Travel With a Golf Push Cart?

It is possible to travel with a golf push cart, but it may depend on the airline you are flying. Before you go to the airport, we suggest checking with your airline. You should keep in mind a few things before deciding how you want to travel with your golf pushcart.

First off, if you’re going by plane, the best way to travel with your golf push cart is by checking it as luggage.

When flying with a golf push cart, it’s smart to call the airlines beforehand and make sure they allow check-in of such items.

Once at the airport, make sure that both pieces of the golf push cart are tagged together so that they’ll come on the same luggage belt.

If you’re driving, it’s still best to separate the two pieces of your golf push cart and take them on as either back seat or trunk storage.

How Do I Fold a Golf Push Cart?

If you have a collapsible pushcart, it will be easier to transport. Make sure the collapsible pushcart is in one piece when traveling with it.

Next, take off all of the wheels to no longer connect the sections. Fold the frame of the frame over so that there are two sections.

Put one section on top of the other and connect them by squeezing them together so they click into place.

How Does A Rain Cover Protect My Golf Bag?

A quality rain cover protects your clubs from moisture on the course. Keeping your clubs dry is important for extending the life of your golf clubs.

If you are playing in an area with lots of moisture, make sure to bring a rain cover along to protect your equipment.

How Do I Determine What Type of Grip Handle My Golf Bag Should Have?

When choosing between grip handles and messenger golf bags, it’s best to consider where you spend most of your time when playing golf. A grip handle will be best for you if you usually walk the course.

However, if you use a pull cart or carry your clubs on your back, a messenger golf bag will be more useful.

Why Is It Important to Consider The Club Dividers and Loops on a Golf Bag?

Having functional dividers and loops makes organizing your clubs easier for you on the course. You will want to have one section for your woods, one for irons, one for putters, and one for carpets.

Make sure that you place your drivers in the very front on top of these four sections, so they are easy to grab.

This will help you avoid wasting time during the round by not having to search through all of your clubs looking for the right club.


Organizing your 14 slot golf bag can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Whether you want to have less time during a game or keep your clubs safe and looking brand new, having an organized golf bag is definitely worth it. We trust that you now have a better understanding of how to organize a 14 slot golf bag.

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