How to Make Golf Bag Tubes?

How to Make Golf Bag Tubes : Easy 5 Steps Guide

Golf has been a favorite sport for many people. With this popularity, golf bag tubes have become an essential part of any golfer’s equipment.

The golf bag tube is a simple and easy method to carry your club. To make your own golf bag tubes, you should learn how to create golf bag tubes. This article will show you how to make golf bag tubes.

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Make Golf Bag Tubes

If you’re wondering how to make golf bag tubes, here are the steps:

Step 01: Take a Portion of Plywood and Your Favorite Golf Bag

How to make golf bag tubes starts by taking a piece of plywood and the bag of your choice. You can experiment with different woods which are readily available in most hardware stores.

However, you should only use the same type of wood on all the golf bag dividers to ensure that the wood does not snap while using it.

Step 02: Attach the Plywood to Each End of the Golf Bag

The next step in how to make golf bag tubes is to put the ends of the plywood together so that they look like a circle.

The easiest way is by clamping them together and drilling a hole through each piece. However, you should ensure that the holes line up correctly so as to avoid breaking or splitting the plywood.

Step 03: Mark the Outline of the Club with a Marker

Mark the Outline of the Club with a Marker

Once you have both ends of the plywood attached together and drilled with holes, it is time to put them over your favorite club or putter and note its outline.

Take a marker and mark around the golf club on the plywood. This will serve as a template for cutting out an opening for the golf club.

Step 04: Cut Out the Opening of the Golf Club

Now take a saw and cut out the opening for the golf club. Ensure that you leave enough space around the outline to ensure that all parts of your golf club can fit inside. You will have to sand down the edges so as to round out the corners.

Step 05: Drill a Hole at Each End of the Plywood Piece

The last step on how to make golf bag tubes is to drill through each end of the plywood. This will be used to thread some rope, zip ties, or shock cord so as to tie up the ends and hold everything together more sturdily. You can also use duct tape for extra sturdiness, but only use it on the ends.

What’s the Best Way to Store Tubes in a Golf Bag?

After you learn how to make golf bag tubes, you need to know how to store them. It is recommended that you grab the club tubes and place them in the front pocket of your golf bag, with one end sticking out and using a couple of zip ties to secure the divider to the bag.

The Benefits of Using Golf Bag Tubes

The Benefits of Using Golf Bag Tubes

It is important to know that using golf bag dividers has many benefits, which include:

1. Easier and More Comfortable to Carry Your Clubs

The conventional way of carrying your full-length golf club driver is by using a golf bag stand and walking around with the golf bag strapped onto your shoulders.

This method is strenuous and, quite frankly, uncomfortable, especially if you intend to walk long distances or across hilly areas. A golf bag tube makes carrying your golf clubs easier.

2. Safe and Secure

When using a golf bag tube, you do not have to worry about your golf clubs falling off or coming out of the golf bag.

This is because they are designed to fit snugly over the golf club cover allowing little space for them to come off. You can also use straps when making the club tubes, ensuring that all parts remain intact.

3. Prevents Damage to the Clubs

Prevents Damage to the Clubs

When you are carrying your golf clubs or insert putters in this manner, they are prevented from bumping into each other or hitting walls, preventing damage to the golf irons. The use of golf club tubes ensures that all parts remain protected until you are ready to use them perfectly.

4. Affordable

One of the best features of club tubes is that it is very affordable to make regardless of your budget. It can be made using woods that may be readily available in some hardware stores and other materials.

5. Customizable

Another feature of a golf club tube is that it can be customized to suit your needs. You can use different materials which you think will work best for the occasion and adjust them accordingly.

A golf bag tubes can also be used by both professional golfers and amateurs alike since its objective is to provide convenience when transporting the clubs from one place to another perfectly.

6. Sturdy

When using golf bag tubes, you can be assured of their sturdiness which comes in very handy, especially if the terrain is hilly.

The rigidness helps prevent the clubs from swaying around and bumping into each other, ensuring their safety at all times.

7. Heightens Visibility of Your Golf Clubs

Heightens Visibility of Your Golf Clubs

When carrying your clubs using golf bag tubes, it ensures that you can easily and quickly locate your clubs when required.

It is easy to know where the golf club’s head lies, enabling you to pick up your clubs quickly. The golf bag tubes help keep track of your clubs, thereby preventing them from going missing.

8. Prevents Wear And Tear of the Golf Bag

One of the significant issues with using a regular golf bag is that it can get damaged due to the presence of the clubs.

When you are pulling out or placing back your golf club shaft into the bags, there are possibilities that this may cause rips or tears on the material as well as instances where your bags may become deformed and lose their shape.

The use of a golf club tube ensures that you protect your bag from wear and tear as it prevents the clubs from contacting the material directly.

Tips for Ensuring Your Golf Bag Tubes Last a Long Time

Tips for Ensuring Your Golf Bag Tubes Last a Long Time

You should follow certain tips to ensure that your golf bag tubes last a long time. These will enable you to make the most out of them and prevent unnecessary damage from occurring.

Always Keep the Clubs Covered Before Putting Them In     

The use of a golf bag tube means that you bring your clubs out in the open. Therefore, it is very important to cover each club after removing it from the tubes, especially if you are in public or when there are other people around. The presence of moisture can cause rusting making the clubs go blunt prematurely.

Always Make Sure That the Material Used Is in Good Condition    

Make sure you pick a material that will last a long time when you’re making golf bag tubes for your graphite shafts. You may need a new one every now and then but it should not tear up easily under pressure or when in use.

You can also try and customize the material you use to carry your golf iron. For example, if the handle of your golf bag is not comfortable, you can adjust it accordingly for a more personalized experience.

Ensure That You Do Not Overstuff the Tube

Ensure That You Do Not Overstuff the Tube

When making and using a golf tube, ensure that you do not overstuff it since this can lead to deformities. You may end up carrying the golf iron outside the tubes, which might be dangerous. The golf club shaft should fit well in the tubes for them to be used in the best possible way.

Store Your Golf Bag Tubes Properly

When you are not using the tubes, ensure that they are stored in a safe place. You wouldn’t want to have rusty clubs or ones that have been overstuffed for long periods of time. It is important to store them in a dry place with low moisture levels. Keeping them at home will help you use them when required. You’ll need to learn how to make golf bag tubes to get these benefits.


The following are some frequently asked questions when it comes to making golf tubes.

What Kind of Material is best for Golf Tubes?

The best material for golf tubes would be any type of plywood due to its durability and easy availability. Plywood is known to be able to withstand a lot of weight and can stand up against the elements.

What’s the Number of Tubes In a Golf Bag?

A golf bag can have 1-15 tubes inside, depending on the type of bag and manufacturer’s preference.

How Many Tubes Does a Divider Fit In?

The number of tubes inside a golf bag is dependent upon the bag’s size, the number of compartments, and how many clubs it holds. Generally, one divider can hold two dividers at once.

Can I Use PVC as a Divider in My Golf Bag?

Generally, PVC is considered to be too heavy for a divider. Some people have had success with using PVC plastic as a divider, but it depends on the thickness of the PVC plastic.

In my opinion, I do not think it would be a good idea to use PVC. It would just add to more weight within your golf bag that you have to lug around.


As you can see, making golf bag dividers is relatively simple and easy as long as you follow the steps correctly. Even if there is a chance of something going wrong, don’t be discouraged and try again. It is possible to make a golf bag tube with patience and perseverance, which is a convenient solution for carrying your golf clubs.

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