The Reason Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove

Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove | Fully Explained

Almost every golfer knows the answer to this question. When you’re swinging your club, it can be dangerous if your fingers are exposed, and they hit a golf ball on the ground or rock while you’re playing. That’s why golfers wear one glove on their hand that is holding the club when they swing the glove.

But did you know there are more reasons than just safety? The truth is wearing one glove on one hand actually has pros and cons for your game as well! 

The article below will provide you with more information regarding why do golfers wear one glove.

Reasons Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove

Reasons Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove

There are many reasons why golfers wear only one glove on their hands. Some of the most common ones are explained below:

Grip the Golf Club Better

A golf glove can be used to secure your grip on the club throughout each swing. A better grip means a more accurate and stronger swing, which leads to more successful games.

For those who suffer from arthritis in their hands, one glove is recommended as it eases the pain and pressure that arthritic joints feel during play.

Protection from Weather Conditions

When you’re playing in the elements, the best golf glove can help to protect your hands and skin from harsh weather conditions. For example, if it is windy while you’re out on the course, the extra layer of fabric will keep your hand and fingers warm and prevent them from getting chapped or cut by the wind.

If your fingers get sweaty or wet due to rain, one glove will help to prevent them from slipping around inside of the club grip and disrupting your swing during play.

For left-handed golfers, wearing just one glove on their dominant hand allows them greater club control while minimizing how many times the club hits their hand while they are swinging.

Prevents Frictional Blisters

If you are experiencing irritating frictional blisters while playing, wearing one glove on your hand that will be holding the club during play can help to prevent them from developing.

For those golfers with particularly sweaty hands, wearing one glove can absorb the excess wetness and prevent it from eventually causing blisters to develop.

Easily Absorbs Sweat

Sweat is often seen as a positive thing on the golf course; it can give you extra grip strength on your club. But too much sweat can cause problems like blisters and slippery hands, which will disrupt play.

A glove can help to absorb the sweat and make sure that it doesn’t drip onto your club or interfere with play.

Keeping Your Hands Dry

Keeping Your Hands Dry

One glove can help to prevent sweaty hands, a problem that many golfers deal with. Dealing with this problem in an efficient manner can lead to a better game and performance.

Many professional athletes don’t wear gloves when they play; however, their skin is usually tougher than the average person due to years of training.

If your hands are sensitive and prone to injury or irritation when exposed, then wearing one glove can help protect them from the elements and other physical hazards.

Provides Confidence

One glove will offer your hand the support it needs to be able to grip the club securely. For some golfers, wearing one glove can help boost their confidence throughout the play, especially for those who are more experienced.

Keeps the Mud Off Of Your Club

If you are playing golf in an especially wet or muddy area, wearing one glove can keep the dirt and mud from getting onto the club as you swing. This means that the club will be in better shape and last longer.

Prevents Your Hand from Cramping

If you play golf often, then you’ve probably experienced some form of hand or wrist cramp when playing. These can be painful and affect your ability to play well.

Wearing one glove on the hand that does not hold the club can help to prevent cramping from occurring.

In professional tournaments, many golfers have been known to wear one glove on the non-dominant hand throughout the play in order to protect their dominant hand from getting hit the golf ball by the club.

Just for Style

Some people enjoy wearing one glove on their hand because they feel like it looks more stylish than if they were to wear two gloves together.

Golfing is a game where personal style can be an integral part of your game. If you like the look and feel of wearing one glove, you should go for it!

Disadvantages of Wearing One Glove

Disadvantages of Wearing One Glove

While there are many reasons golfers wear one glove, it is also important to remember the disadvantages of wearing just one glove on your hand when you’re playing with a full set of clubs.

Uneven Grip

Having the club only in the dominant hand at all times can affect your grip strength. You won’t be able to grip as strongly because you will have weaker fingers on the other side. If you are not experienced, this can lead to an inconsistent and less powerful swing during play.

Difficult to Control

Playing with one glove will make it difficult to control the club as you want. There might be times when your hand slips as you try and rotate or swing, which can lead to a complete loss of control over the club. This could result in a dropped club, an unplanned move, or even physical injury for yourself or others.

Easier to Drop

A golf club is a lot longer than it may appear, especially when you are swinging it at full power. If your hand slips, the club can go flying out of your grip and onto the ground or into other people’s hands that could be standing nearby.

Having the club slip out of your hand can be a safety hazard and cause harm to others on the golf course.

Frequently Asked Question

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Glove?

When trying to find a new glove, you should look for one that fits well in your hand. Some golfers will prefer the support from having the glove wrapped around their wrist as well. There are many options of materials and sizes available, so make sure to choose what works best for you!

How do I Clean My Glove?

If you want to clean your glove after a hard day of playing, it is best to let it air dry and then brush off any dirt and dust that has accumulated on the outside. Putting dirty leather golf gloves in the washing machine may cause them to lose their shape and structure due to excess soap and agitation from the machine.

What Should I Do If My Glove Has a Hole?

If a hole has formed in your glove, do not panic! You can fix it simply by taking some thread and tying it from one side of the tear to the other. Be sure to tie the ends as tightly as you can, especially if you are going to use them within a few days or weeks.

Is It Unsafe to Wear Just One Glove While Playing Golf?

It is perfectly safe for you to wear one glove while playing golf. Many professionals wear just one glove in many tournaments, including the Ryder Cup. However, it is not recommended if you are new to playing with a full set of clubs because you may not have control over your swings yet.


While there are some disadvantages to wearing just one glove while playing golf, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Most importantly, wearing one glove will help prevent cramping and give you a more even grip on the club. Additionally, many professional golfers wear just one glove for style reasons or because it feels more comfortable to them. So if you’re looking to up your game on the green, try out wearing one glove! It may be just what you need to improve your swing and score lower than ever before.

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