Golf Grip for Small Hands

Best Golf Grip for Small Hands: Top 5 Expert Picks in 2024

Small hands complicate determining the appropriate grip size, which leads to poor control and accuracy. It can cause the hands to slide on the club during the swing, resulting in less power and distance. You may also experience pain in your hands and wrists due to it.

The best golf grip for small hands has a softer material, which helps to create a more comfortable and secure grip. They can stand up to even the most challenging courses.

Here we share some of the top undersize golf grips for small hands that will help improve your game and give you the edge on the course.

Superstroke Cross Comfort Golf Grips
  • X-style” surface texture
  • Multi-layer grip construction
  • Taper Control Technology
  • Minimal taper for  faster swing
Kingrasp Golf Club Grips Set
  •  Noble and elegant grip
  • Breathable function
  • Waterproof and vibration resistant
  • Super shock absorption
  • Wear-resistant
Winn Dri Tac Ladies Golf Grips
  • Made of polymer material
  • Contoured spiral wrap design
  • WinnLite technology for lighter grip
  • All-weather playability
Wujiang Golf Grips For Small Hands
  • Soft rubber material
  • Responsive material
  • Surface texture for a softer feel
  • Ability to absorb shock
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Undersize Grips
  • Grip made of soft rubber 
  • Improves feel and comfort
  • Precise ball feedback
  • Good abrasion resistance 
  • Shock absorption properties

How Do You Know Your Golf Grip Size For Small Hands?

overlapping grip

If you have smaller hands, you may consider the grip’s diameter. Most manufacturers offer grips in a standard size, usually about 0.900 inches in diameter for men and 0.850 inches for women.

Consider 1/64 less than the standard size for small hands. A small hand grip size will be 0.885″ for men and 0.835″ for women.

You may use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your hand just below the knuckles. Another way is to wrap a piece of string around your hand and then use a ruler to find the length of the string.

Once you have your measurement, you can consult a grip size chart to find the right grip size for your golf clubs.

Can You Hook Grip with Small Hands?

index finger

It is possible to hook grip with small hands, but it may require some adjustments to your grip. One way to do this is to use your opposite hand and a knee to push your thumbs in. This may help to create more space for your fingers, making it easier to grip the club properly.

Another possibility is to grip the club with your palms instead of your fingers. This can provide a better grip for those with small hands. It may have to do with how you grip, not the size of your hands.

Top 5 Reviews on The Best Golf Grip for Small Hands

right handed golfer

You know how difficult it is to find a golf grip that fits well when you have small hands. Too often, grips are made for the average-sized hand, which can leave small-handed golfers feeling like they’re at a disadvantage.

There are a few companies that make grips specifically for small hands. Here, we’ll look at the top five grips that get high marks from small-handed golfers.

01. Superstroke Cross Comfort Golf Grips

When you have a smaller hand and difficulty finding grips that fit comfortably, the golf grips by SuperStroke are specifically designed for you. They have a diameter of 1/64″, which is smaller than standard grips, and they weigh just 35g. 

The undersize core helps to reduce hand fatigue, and the grip length is 10.50″, which is the perfect size for smaller hands. As a result, you feel comfortable and confident in your grip, allowing you to shoot more accurately.

What Makes It Useful?

The SuperStroke cross comfort golf grips are the perfect product for use in normal conditions. It’s soft and cuddly but firm enough to keep the user safe. The grip is non-slip, meaning that there will be no need to worry about it slipping during use.

These grips have less taper than other grips on the market, so they are more comfortable for smaller hands. They are made of durable materials that can last the full season.

You get more natural shots with them because they give you feedback. The square clubface grip helps to prevent twisting and provides a more comfortable grip for small hands. With a squarer clubface and a textured surface, these grips promote a more efficient swing. 

Positive Things:

  • Soft and cuddly grip
  • More comfortable in normal conditions
  • Less taper than other grips
  • Lasts the entire season
  • Simple to use and easy to apply

Negative Thing:

  • Not ideal for long time play in wet weather

02. Kingrasp Golf Club Grips Set

If you’re looking for an extra comfortable grip for your small hands, golf club grips set by KINGRASP are another great choice. These grips are specifically designed to provide a snug fit for players with smaller hands and feature a core size of 0.600 inches.

With a grip length of 10.50 inches, you’ll have plenty of control and coverage over your clubs. These grips are designed for a standard or medium weight, and they come in a variety of colors to match your clubs.

What Makes It Useful?

The KINGRASP golf club grips set have a classic look while also being elegant and noble, which helps golfers retain their grip on the club. This can improve their golf game by giving them more control over their swings. 

As this grip is made from high-quality materials, it conforms to the shape of your hand for a more natural grip. These grips provide shock absorption and protect your hands from the vibrations that can cause discomfort.

With these KINGRASP golf club grips, you can play in any weather conditions. They have enhanced traction and grip so that you can make every shot count. With our grips, you’ll be able to perform well without worrying about the pain and fatigue that can come with golfing.

Positive Things:

  • Protects hands from vibration discomfort
  • The top of the left palm feels comfortable
  • Provides shock absorption
  • Enhanced traction and grip
  • Very simple to install on clubs

Negative Thing:

  • The grip pattern is a bit bumpy

03. Winn Dri Tac Ladies Golf Grips

You can improve your swing with these grips by Winn since they fit like a glove and reduce grip weight by half. A polymer material makes these grips tacky so they’ll stay on your hands.

These grips are playable in all weather conditions, so you can always have the best grip on the club, no matter what the conditions are like. They are designed to increase distance and clubhead feels, making it easier to swing the club and send the ball flying down the fairway.

What Makes It Useful?

Winn dri tac ladies golf grips have a soft feel and a pleasing color scheme. They are ideal for those who want to improve their game without making any drastic changes.

The all-weather playability of these ladies grips makes them a great choice for those who live in areas with unpredictable weather conditions. You never have to worry about the grip slipping in your hand, no matter how sweaty your palms get.

These grips are easy to set and clean. They come with everything you need for a quick installation. You can clean Winn grips with soap & water when they’re ready to use.

Positive Things:

  • Feels soft to the touch
  • The surface has a non-slip texture
  • Works well in wet conditions
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Everything is included in the installation

Negative Thing:

  • The grips are only available in gray color

04. Wujiang Golf Grips For Small Hands

Its 0.600″ core gives you a snug fit, and the gorgeous rose color is beautiful. It’s also lightweight at just 38 grams, so they’re great if you want to optimize your swing.

Due to their rubber construction, these grips are very resilient and abrasion resistant, so they are durable. They are designed for a softer feel and provide a more cushioned grip.

What Makes It Useful?

If you’re looking for a golf grip that is comfortable and durable, look no further than the grips from Wujiang. They are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to last. 

You’ll appreciate how comfortable they feel in your hands, and you’ll be able to swing the club with ease. This grip is designed to fit like a glove, providing you with the best possible grip on the green.

Wujiang golf grips for small hands are designed with texture placement that is ideal for maximum hand overage, providing you with precise ball feedback. It’s also easy to clean, so you’ll be able to keep it looking its best no matter what the weather throws at you.

Positive Things:

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Quick Ship and great Grips 
  • The grip fits like a glove when taped
  • Good in wet conditions
  • Easy to clean

Negative Things:

  • Poorly pressed end caps cause the grip to flex
  • It may require some time to adhere to the club

05. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Undersize Grips

If you have small hands, you’ll appreciate this grip from Golf Pride which is made from top-quality tour velvet material. It also has a ribbed design that provides extra stability and control. These grips are 50 grams in weight and have a ribbed diameter of 0.560 inches. 

With a textured grip and strategically placed high traction, these grips feel good to hold. The undersize grips are designed to provide precise ball feedback, resilience, and good abrasion resistance.

What Makes It Useful?

The Golf Pride tour velvet undersize grips are made with a rubber blend compound that provides a non-slip surface pattern. This helps to keep your grip stable while you play.

With them, you can focus on your game because they provide maximum playability and comfort. They boast anti-slip and shock absorption properties. With them, experienced or new golfers with small hands can keep the club under control. 

These undersized golf grips provide a more consistent swing for those with smaller hands. They provide a consistent feel and feedback so that you can make better shots on the course.

Positive Things:

  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Offer a great feel
  • Help improve your game
  • Help you stay in control of the club
  • Provides a consistent feel and feedback
  • Provides a more consistent swing

Negative Thing:

  • May not provide enough grip for some players

We have ended our list of the best golf grips for small hands. These grips are designed to give you proper grip pressure on the club.

Comparison Chart of Proper Golf Grip for Small Hands:

Product NameMaterialsColor Available
Number of Items
Superstroke Cross Comfort Golf GripsSynthetic5 Colors1 Piece
KINGRASP Golf Club Grips SetRubber10 Colors13 Piece
Winn Dri Tac Ladies Golf GripsPolymer‎ 1 Color (Gray)13 Piece
Wujiang Golf Grips for Small HandsRubber4 Colors13 Piece
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Undersize GripsRubber‎ 1 Color13 Piece

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Golf Grip for Small Hands

golfers hands

A good golf grip is essential for playing well. If you don’t have a good grip, you’ll lose control of the club, and your shots will be all over the place. You can’t perform at your best if your grip size is wrong.

When it comes to choosing the best golf grip for small hands, there are a few factors that you need to take into account. Let’s take a look at what those factors are.

Grip Material:

There are three primary materials that are used for golf grips: rubber, synthetic, and polymer. Let’s discuss each type:


The rubber golf grip has a textured surface that provides additional friction, making it easier to keep a firm grip on the golf club. It helps to maintain a secure grip even in wet or sweaty conditions. The extra padding helps to reduce vibration, making the game more comfortable for those with smaller hands.

Rubber golf grips have tacky properties that make them easy to hold onto the clubs. The tacky properties also help to absorb any shock that may occur when making contact with the ball. 

Rubber golf grips are usually very durable. Some disadvantages of rubber golf grips include their tendency to collect dirt and debris, which can eventually lead to a loss of tackiness.


Synthetic grips are made from a variety of materials, including plastic and rubber. The first layer of defense against vibrations is the soft, cushiony underlay. Usually made of rubber or another similar elastomer, this material is thick and springy, acting as a buffer between the harder layers above it and the golf club’s shaft below.

On top of this is the outer layer, also referred to as the wear layer. This layer is generally made of thermoplastic elastomers, copolymers, or polyurethanes, all materials which have vibration-dampening properties.

They provide a soft feeling and are generally very comfortable. They’re also quite durable and have excellent shock absorption properties. 

It is specially designed to provide a comfortable, tacky grip in all weather conditions. The non-slip surface ensures that you always have a firm grip on the club, even when your hands are sweaty.

Synthetic grips don’t have the same level of tackiness as rubber ones. This can make them more difficult to hold onto in wet conditions.


The polymer golf grip provides that comfort and reliability while also delivering all-weather performance. Since the grip is made from a soft polymer material, it conforms to the contours of the hand, providing a secure grip even during hot weather conditions.

Additionally, the material is designed to absorb shocks, reducing vibration and helping to prevent hand fatigue. It stands up to wear and tear even in wet or humid conditions.

Whether you’re playing a round in summer heat or hitting the links on a rainy day, the golf grip provides the performance you need to play your best game.


The color of a golf grip can have a significant impact on a player’s game. While some players prefer the classic look of a black or white grip, others prefer to add a pop of color to their clubs.

There are smaller golf grips available in nearly every color imaginable, so it’s easy to find one that suits your style. Some come in solid colors, while others come in a mix of colors. Lighter colors can help to reduce glare, while darker colors can help to absorb heat.

In addition to the traditional colors, many companies now offer grips in new and exciting shades, like neon green or bright pink. These vibrant colors can help you stand out on the course and make your clubs more recognizable.

Easy to Apply and Clean:

When choosing a golf grip, consider its ease of application and ability to resist dirt and grime build-up. In terms of application, grips that are made of softer materials and have a textured surface tend to be the easiest to apply.

For this reason, choose a grip with a tough outer layer that can shrug off dirt and grime. In terms of cleanliness, grips made of synthetic materials are often the easiest to keep clean.

What Happens If the Golf Grip is Too Small?

What Happens If the Golf Grip is Too Small

If a golf grip is too small for the golfer’s hands, your hands slide up and down the golf club during the swing, leading to a loss of control. This can also result in shots that veer off to the right or left of the intended target. It can make it difficult for the player to generate enough power to drive the ball long distances.

It can cause discomfort and even pain in the hands as the fingers are forced into an unnatural position. This can lead to calluses or blisters, and make it hard to grip the club properly. If it is too small, it is best to replace it with one that is the proper size.

Should Small Golf Grips be Tight or Loose?

When it comes to small golf grips, the general consensus is that it is better to have a tight grip. A tight grip gives the player more control over the club and helps to prevent wild shots.

It can help to increase the speed of the swing, resulting in more distance. Of course, every player is different, and some may prefer a looser grip. For most players, a tight grip on the small golf grips is the best way to improve their game.

Should Small Golf Grips be in Fingers or Palm?

Gripping the club in your fingers rather than your palm allows for a smoother and more consistent swing. When you grip the club in your palm, your hand can twist slightly on the club, leading to inconsistency in your shots.

You can swing with greater accuracy and control, which gives you a more direct connection to the club. It allows you to apply more pressure to the club, giving you more power on your shots.

When should I Use an Undersize Golf Grip

When should I Use an Undersize Golf Grip?

Slicing the ball is one of the most common faults in golf, and it can be very frustrating to try to fix. If you’ve tried all the usual remedies, check your grip, adjust your stance, etc., and you’re still slicing, then it might be time to try an undersized golf grip.

Many new golfers find that this helps them to control the club better, resulting in straighter shots. Get fitted for the right size grip, as an undersize grip that is too small can actually make the problem worse. But if you’re struggling with a slice, it’s definitely worth considering an undersize grip as a possible solution.

Do Golf Jumbo Grips Help with Small Hands?

Jumbo grips can make it difficult to control the club. The extra size can also add weight to the club, making it more difficult to swing. Although jumbo grips provide a more comfortable grip for golfers with smaller hands, they may not be the best option.

How to Grip a Golf Club with Small Hands?

How to Grip a Golf Club with Small Hands

You already know that a proper grip is key to hitting great shots, but what if you have small fingers? Finding a grip that feels comfortable and provides the necessary control can be tough. Here are a few tips for grippers with small hands:

1. Try an Undersize Grip:

If you’re struggling to find a comfortable grip, try an undersize grip. This will help you maintain control of the club without feeling cramped.

Position your hands and hold the golf club correctly. Your dominant hand should be placed lower on the grip, with your thumb pointing down the shaft.

Your other hand should be placed higher on the grip, with your pinkie finger extending just beyond the bottom of the grip. This will help to ensure that both hands are in contact with the club and can work together to control it.

Apply gentle pressure to both hands as you hold the club. You want to avoid gripping the club too tightly, leading to tension and loss of control. Instead, focus on maintaining a light but firm grip.

Ensure that your fingers are evenly spaced around the grip. This will help you keep a consistent grip on the club and prevent it from slipping into your hands.

2. Use a Grip Enhancer:

Try using a grip enhancer. This is a substance you apply to the club’s grip, which helps to increase friction and prevent your hand from slipping.

Ensure that you are correctly gripping the club. For small hands, it may be helpful to position the pinky finger on top of the club rather than wrapping it around the shaft.

Don’t be afraid to adjust your grip during a round of golf. If your hand slips, simply readjust your grip and continue playing.

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