Matte golf balls vs regular

Matte Golf Balls vs Regular : 11 Factors You Must Know

Golf is an excellent sport that allows you to get outside, enjoy the scenery, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s also one of America’s favorite sports.

A golf ball is a rubber sphere that usually has a core of compressed cork, plastic, or other material covered in one or two layers of pigmented white rubber.

We will look at why you must know the difference between matte golf balls and regular.

The Difference between Matte Golf Balls vs Regular Golf Balls

The Difference between Matte Golf Balls vs Regular Golf Balls

There are a number of differences between the two groups, as you will see below:

1. Material

The first difference between matte and regular golf balls is the material. A regular white golf ball has a shiny, polished look that gives them a professional feel, whereas matte golf balls have a completely different finish.

They are rougher around the edges with a textured pattern, giving them an older and more rustic appearance.

2. Spin

The spin from the putter grip depends on how much friction is created between your hand and the golf club. For example, if you have a matte golf ball, it will create more friction, resulting in more spin and increased swing speed.

On the other hand, a regular golf ball has less friction, so that’s why many PGA tour players opt for it because it reduces the spin from their putter, which is essential. After all, it reduces backspin and speeds up their roll.

Spin is the force that increases swing speed, and a golf ball rotates when it is struck, which influences your putter and how it rolls.

3. Colors


When it comes to the colored ball or high visibility golf ball, matte golf balls offer more options than regular ones. They have dyes that can produce a variety of colors for players to choose from, as they are modified with dyes. It all depends on preference, but you will have a few options, such as mint, red, and yellow golf balls. The yellow golf ball is not an option for regular golf balls as they can only come in white color.

4. Layers

People have preferences when it comes to the number of layers a golf ball has. Regular golf balls have two layers, a cover and a core.

But matte golf balls have only got a single layer called the core. This makes them lighter than their regular counterparts, making them easier to carry around.

5. Distance and Flight Path

Another difference between the two is the distance they travel as well as their flight path. Regular golf balls have a more professional space that tends to last longer than matte golf balls.

The flight pattern of regular golf balls tends to be straighter and more accurate than matte golf balls, which prefer to go in a curved path.

6. Ball Compression

Ball Compression

One difference that can’t be seen is the ball compression. Regular golf balls have a higher compression rate than matte golf balls, but they also have a softer feel while maintaining a solid impact on the club during each hit. For this reason, regular golf balls are less likely to cause injury to you or others.

7. Durability

Regular golf carts are more durable than matte ones. This is because they are not affected by the elements as much as their matte counterparts are.

These types of balls are also designed in a way that they can be used in any weather conditions and still perform to the best of their ability.

8. Feel

The difference between the feel of a matte and regular soft golf ball is also subtle but worth mentioning. Regular golf balls tend to offer a soft feel because they are made with three or more layers that contain different materials that provide them with their overall texture.

Matte golf balls have only one layer, so they do not give as much as regular golf balls. So if you prefer a more rigid feel to your golf ball, then matte is the way to go.

9. Type of Player

Type of Player

When it comes to the type of player that should use matte or regular golf balls, it depends on preference.

If you prefer a softer feel and shorter distance, then regular is the way to go. But if you want something with better spin control and durability, then matte is your best bet!

10. Putter Reaction

The matte golf ball is rougher than the regular one, which means it’s easier to get a grip on it with your putter. This also gives you more friction when you’re putting and makes sure that the ball’s momentum isn’t impaired. The regular balls are harder to get a hold of because they aren’t as textured.

However, the downside of this is that when you have less surface area in contact with your putter strokes, there’s more slippage, so depending on who you ask, they swear by either matte or regular golf balls for their putters.

11. Price

The last difference is the price of each type. Regular golf balls tend to be slightly more expensive than matte golf balls because they are made out of high-quality materials that make them look sleek and professional.

Why Knowing the Difference Between Matte and Regular Can Be Important?

Why Knowing the Difference Between Matte and Regular Can Be Important

The golf ball is the most important part of a set of clubs. It’s also obviously one of the most costly, so you want to take care of your investment. Regular balls have a shinier and more professional look, whereas matte balls have a rough and textured finish.

This difference in texture is why knowing between regular and matte golf balls is important. There are some main reasons why knowing the difference between matte and regular can be important:

You Might Lose One

If you keep track of your ball, it’s best to use a regular one. It can be very hard to find if you’re using a matte ball and accidentally hit it into the grass or water.

You Might Break Something

When you send a standard golf ball down the fairway or into the rough, there’s a much smaller chance of it bouncing off into the water, hitting someone walking by, or deflecting off a car. When you’re playing with a matte golf ball, there is a much higher chance of breaking something because they are much textured.

You Might Need To Compensate

You Might Need To Compensate

The more you are able to control the ball, the easier your game will be. This is why it’s best to use a regular ball for this exact reason. A standard ball allows the golfer to have more control over the trajectory and spin of the ball.

It Could Affect Performance

A matte ball is much more textured, which will increase the amount of drag that slows down the golf ball. Drag causes a loss in velocity and control, especially on shots hit into the wind. This doesn’t affect your game very much, but it can make playing certain courses harder because of where you need to play.

Your Club Damages More Easily

Because the ball has a rough finish, it damages the clubs you are using. The grooves on your wedge or iron can be worn down when hitting a matte-covered golf ball which causes low spin when making contact with the ball.

You Might Lose More Money

When you choose high visibility golf ball or matte over a regular, your game will be affected in many ways. The only bonus is that matte-covered golf balls tend to go about 15 yards further than standard balls when hit with the same amount of force. For every other shot, though, they are pretty much equal to regular balls.

As you can see, many reasons knowing the difference between matte and regular is essential. Try out each type of ball for yourself, find out which you like better, then stick with it. You will notice a change in your game if you do!

How To Choose Which Type Is Best For You?

How To Choose Which Type Is Best For You

There are many differences between the two types of golf balls. Depending on what you prefer, you will choose either one. The main factor is how skilled you are as a golfer for regular or matte type. For example,

1. Senior golfer recommends the regular ones for amateurs or those just starting out because they offer that professional look and feel.

2. If you’re a senior golfer, then go with matte because you can feel the difference in weight between them, making it easier for amateurs to hit more accurately to increase fast ball speed, instead of having that difficult challenge to surpass hitting against that professional feeling regular golf balls have.

3. If you’re looking for a premium ball that can be used in all weather conditions, then go with regular balls because they are designed to resist the elements.

4. If you play golf often and you are just tired of your current set of a premium golf ball, a senior golfer always recommends trying matte because when wet, they tend to feel better when hit when compared to regular ones.

5. If you don’t mind paying that extra dollar or two, go with regular because they offer more colors and durability than matte golf balls.

6. It’s your decision based totally on preference but keep in mind that each type has its pros and cons, so just pick what best suits you!

For this reason, you should ask yourself what category you fall into before making your decision. If you want to invest in something expensive, think about whether it is worth your money.


We have provided a few FAQs below to help you familiarize yourself with these golf clubs.

Can a Matte-Colored Golf Ball be More Accurate?

The type of white ball you use is mostly about personal preference and what feels best to you. While there are those who say that matte balls offer more accuracy, it doesn’t account for all players. As mentioned before, choose what works best for your game!

What is the Best Way to Clean a Matte Golf Ball?

You can clean a matte golf ball using mild dish soap and water. You should always rinse the golf ball after cleaning it and let it air dry prior to hitting with it again.

How Long Can You Keep a Golf Ball Before it Loses its Bounce?

A golf ball can be kept for decades with no performance loss in normal use, but there are some clear signs of wear on the ball if kept for decades. The dimples will start to fill in, which means the air will flow around the ball more easily causing it to lose some of its lift.

Can Matte Golf Balls be Used in Tournaments?

Matte golf balls can’t be used in tournaments, but they can be a great practice tool. They feel more like the ballplayers use on the course and work well if you want to try techniques that would scratch regular balls.


As you can see from the article above, there are differences between regular and matte golf balls. Please feel free to check out some of our other articles for your golf course if you enjoyed it. We also have a blog that you can check out. Whatever the case, we hope you enjoyed this article.

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