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How to Display Golf Flags for a Tournament | 7 Tips

When you’re hosting or participating in a golf tournament, one of the most critical aspects of the event is making sure the golf flags are displayed correctly.

Displaying golf flags can help players follow the course and even make it more exciting. Correctly displaying golf flags is also a requirement for almost every tournament.

What is a Golf Flag and How Does It Work?

What Is a Golf Flag and How Does It Work

A golf flag is commonly referred to as a pin. The golf flag is used to show where the player’s ball is on the green, or, on some courses, on the fairway or tees. The flagstick that holds up the golf flag has a pointed end that goes into the ground. Golf flags can either be metal or wooden.

Golf flags are significant to players because they tell them where their ball is. The flagstick has a pointed end that goes into the ground and holds up the flag. The flag usually points in the direction of the hole, so players know which way to aim for their next shot.

Tips On How to Display Golf Flags for A Tournament?

Tips On How to Display Golf Flags for A Tournament

There are numerous ways to display golf flags, but the most important thing is that they are correctly displayed. Here are some tips on how to display golf flags:

1.Set The Display Position

Place the flagsticks into the holes that are dug on the course. If there are no holes, use stakes to secure it down. Make sure not to move the flagstick position once you’ve planted them.

2.Line Up the Flags

The first flag should be placed on the hole closest to the tee box. Line up all of your other flags in order from there. Keep in mind that for some courses, distances may vary, so you may have to move around accordingly.

3.Location of Flags On the Tee Box

Place two green markers with numbers on them at both ends of the tee box. One number marker should be placed one yard behind where most players would tee off, and the other marker should be placed behind where most players would place their ball when they’re done teeing off.

4.Stake Flags Into The Ground

If your course does not have holes for the flagstick, you can use stakes to secure the flagsticks into the ground. Make sure to keep them far enough away from where other players are teeing off so that they don’t hit it.

5.Move any Obstacles Out of the Way

Any large obstacles or objects that could potentially block or distract the players should be moved out of the way. These include trash cans, benches, and garden hoses.

6.Properly Display Your Flag

If your course has a flag display tower or holder, make sure to place the flags in the correct position. If there isn’t one, you can either place it on top of a ball washer or use a broomstick that is stuck into the ground.

The flag should be perpendicular to the hole and look like a flag in the sand during a beach scene.

7.Prepare your Course for Players

Before players can play, make sure you have all of your flags displayed correctly and are ready to go!

After displaying golf flags for an event, make sure to keep them looking good by keeping the sticks clean and sand-free.

Why Do You Need Them?

Why Do You Need Them

Listed below are some reasons why you might need to know how to display golf flags:

· It allows you to identify where your ball is located on the course easily

· Its design makes it easy for players to get an idea of their direction and distance from the hole

· Players can get a better idea of which shots they should take next

· The flagstick itself is decorative and makes the course more appealing

· The flagstick gets rid of the need to run around looking for your ball in order to mark its location

· Its design allows it to hold up against heavy winds and rain

· The flag itself provides a guideline for how players should properly place their club when they’re putting

· It is an essential piece of equipment that every golf course should have.

Tips On Choosing the Best Spot to Display Your Flags

If you’re organizing an event and need to find a suitable place to set up and display your flags, here are some great options:

1.Hole Locations

If you have several holes on your course, the best place to display them would be at each of these locations. This is where players will likely need them the most.

2.Tee Boxes

The tee box is another great location for displaying flags. Not only are they easy to access, but every player also uses them. This is because players will need to consult them before and after they tee off.

3.Flagstick Holder or Towers

Some courses have flagstick holders that you can attach the flagstick into. These come in a variety of shapes and designs, so find one that best suits your needs. If there aren’t any available at your course, you can place them on top of a ball washer or use a broomstick that is stuck into the ground.

4.Flag Poles

If your flags are placed along large pathways, flag poles will be easy for players to spot. Placing them near signs and benches will also help attract attention more quickly.


Golf flags are an essential piece of equipment for any golf course. They allow players to easily identify their ball’s location, get a better idea of their direction and distance from the hole, and putt properly. By following the tips listed above, you can learn how to display golf flags correctly and ensure that your event goes smoothly.

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