The Difference between Cadet Vs. Regular Golf Gloves

Cadet Vs Regular Golf Gloves | What You Must Know

There is a big difference between cadet gloves and regular golf gloves. Cadet gloves are much smaller and fit younger hands better. They also have a thinner feel to them which some golfers prefer.

Regular golf gloves are more prominent and are meant for adults with more extensive hands. They also have a thicker feel, which some golfers find more comfortable.

This article will explore the differences between cadet vs regular golf gloves and what you should know about both types of golf gloves before purchasing one kind or another for your next round with friends at the country club.

Cadet Vs Regular Golf Gloves: The Differences

Cadet Vs. Regular Golf Gloves: The Differences

A cadet glove differs from a regular glove more than just which hand they are designed for. There are also significant differences in the design and construction of each type of glove. Let’s start with the basics. The following is a list of some of the basic differences between the two:


A cadet golf glove is often made of synthetic materials, so it’s light and thin. Regular gloves are often made with leather or similar heavy-duty material that makes them thicker.


The stitches used to construct cadet vs regular gloves are different as well as cadet gloves typically use fewer stitches per inch than regular golf gloves. This difference provides an overall slimmer look and more flexible feeling glove design on the part of the cadet glove.

Palm Thickness:

Cadet golf gloves have a thinner palm that is covered with soft grip material, while regular golf gloves have a thicker palm with no additional gripping material on top of it.

Pocket Design:

The only true difference between cadets vs regulars here is the tip of the index finger being placed slightly more forward on cadet gloves than on regular ones. This allows for an improved feel when you need to release the club at impact during your swing so you can hit the golf ball straight down the middle.


Cadet gloves have a Velcro strap that is designed to close completely around the wrist for added support. Regular golf gloves may or may not have a similar strap, but if they do it’s typically not nearly as long and doesn’t provide near the same level of support.


Cadet gloves have a slimmer feel that some golfers prefer for enhanced golf club control. Regular golf gloves have a thicker feeling.


Cadet gloves are smaller, and generally, golf gloves fit younger hands better. Regular gloves are larger, especially in length.


Cadets do not come with armor on the back of the glove, which is common in regular glove to protect your knuckles from damage when you hit the ground or rock while playing golf.


Cadet gloves are typically less expensive than regular golf gloves, but they come in a variety of price levels based on which brand you purchase and how fancy the glove looks.

Types of Gloves and What They are Made for

Types of Gloves and What They Are Made For

When golf gloves were first produced, they looked more like what you would wear while working in the yard. There were two types of gloves: regular fitting and cadet fitting, which referred to how big or small your hand was.

Each glove had a wrist strap attached around the wrist to help keep them from flying off in windy weather.

The regular fitting gloves were much bigger and had a long strap that wrapped around the wrist and over the fingers.

The cadet gloves were smaller and only wore like a bracelet on your wrists instead of wrapping around several times like the larger version.

Now, instead of having a long strap with a metal buckle that wraps around the wrist many times, one adjustable strap goes over your left hand to keep it secure.

Which Type is Right for You?

Now that you know about some of the basic differences between cadets and regulars, it’s time to consider why each type is designed the way it is and what type of golfer would benefit more from one design or another.

This could be determined by assessing your hand size and comfort preference as well as the types of features you desire in the best golf glove.

Frequently Asked Question

Do All Gloves Come In Cadet Vs Regular Sizes?

No, there are several options to choose from when it comes to picking the right glove for your needs. Cadet vs regulars are just two of many options so you’ll want to look at the size and material type before making a final purchasing decision‎.

How Do I Know If Cadets are the Right Choice for Me?

If you have smaller hands, you’ll benefit more from buying cadet gloves. They typically offer a snugger fit than regulars and some even go all the way up to extra-large sizes. This is especially beneficial when it comes to staying in control of your game under pressure.

What Is the Best Glove Material for Me?

If you want a high-quality glove that can withstand all of the elements, you’ll want one made with Cabretta leather. This provides maximum control while ensuring your hands are protected from damage on the course.


The next time you’re out shopping for a new golf glove, keep in mind the differences between regular and cadet gloves. That way, you can find one that’s perfect for your needs. Whether it’s comfort or style or something else entirely, there is an option available to fit all of your needs.

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